At the pool party, the b-boys decided to make it a true party by gettysburging.
by johnwilkesboothkilledabe September 14, 2009
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A town in PA that is best known for Lincoln's Gettysburg Adress. It is a tourist town for the Civil War, amoung other historial events. It is a fairly large town, compared to those that surround it. Teens that live there often wish to get out, though, those who actually do leave, tend to come back. Though it can seem quite boring, it is growing larger, with more atractions. Also, it is a major place for drug dealing.
Person 1: Gettysburg has a lot of drug dealing.
Person 2: Thats because when the tourists come, they need there crack.
by _>.<_ December 30, 2009
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Groupsex involving 4 men and one woman. From the beginning of the Gettysburg Address: "Four score..."
Guy #1: Yo, dude, me and three buddies Gettysburged this girl last night.
Guy #2: Gettysburged?
Guy #1: Yeah, four scored!
by Henke September 7, 2006
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The place in middle america where collegits gather from areas like new york, new jersey, new england and best of all, baltimore. The college life consists of frat parties most notebly at the honorable TKE where they guys there cook three minute hott pockets in two minutes only after watching their own hair cut itself in a mirror which they see with their 20/10 vision.
Gettysburg is the essence of moisture, and moisture is the essence of beauty.
by proverbialsickness December 20, 2006
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to vomit and excrete at the same time. very similar to when the north and south met with ol' honest abe. one would most likely need a paper napkin, but not to write a speech on.
dude sean just gettysburged in your kitchen!
by mr. lincoln October 30, 2008
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A grilled 1/2 lb. slab of horse manure in between a kaiser roll.
I was driving to an important city and I stopped in Gettysburg because I really really had to take a dump. Anyway, I saw this place that served "Gettysburgers" and all the locals raved about them, they were awful, they smelled like a cesspool full of night soil.
by Davenport B Fry May 11, 2014
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Middle of nowhere small town America that wants to be big city. A College town that wants to be University. A High School that has so many dreams but most who want to leave never do and never change. However, if you dig deep enough, and find yourself in this historically rich community one might find a glimps of beauty lost in the societal norms where artists can create, bakers can bake, and families can put families first!
Gettysburg, a multiplicitious culture that one can flourish in or stagnate.
by Ode To Gettysburg August 19, 2008
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