when a thug/male gets fucked in the booty,or raped when in prison or jail
i heard dat nigga got crack open in his booty last week... they are going to crack dat dude open in jail cuz he killed his moma
by man4man January 6, 2014
1. To open a cold beer
2. To crack open a cold coffin and fuck the corpse inside
1. It's been such a stressful day I can't wait to get home and crack open a cold one
2. I'm so fuckin horny right now I would even crack open a cold one
by (****()) August 23, 2022
I just got home from a hard day of work and all I want to do is lay back in my recliner and crack open a cold one. Ahhhh tasty
by BahBahBlacksheep333 November 19, 2009
Sl. (To) crack open a cold one is a slang term for necrophilia.
Y'know, working as a gravedigger always gave me the biggest urge to crack open a cold one.