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Someone who has an unnaturally large penis.
Girl 1: Did you eat his cow meat?

Girl 2: Nah, I'm a vegetarian.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
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“My Cows My Meat” refers to the ideology of one having ownership over the meat of his/her cows. This motto is not only terrible, but is also extremely unfunny. Any pathetic person who uses this figure of speech should be banished from society forever.
Kirk: “I swear it will be funny this time”
Sheen: “No it won’t”
Kirk: “My Cows My Me-“
by sandwichofchicken March 31, 2021
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This revolutionary ideology helps to answer one of the most controversial questions in the field of farming revolving the usage of one’s cattle. This phrase is often used to represent the belief that whomever the cattle or livestock belongs to initially shall then be entitled to reap the benefits and resulting products of said cattle. This concept has recently resurfaced in both the farming industry in addition to mainstream society, due to its newly found popular standing within pop culture, and frequent usage among well-known rappers.
Warren: I am going to consume some of the edible products resulting from your collection of livestock, if you don’t mind.

Travis: Nay sire, for you know my motto is My Cows My Meat, I will not be gifting you with the products from my cattle today or any other day.
by ShmeatLover XD March 26, 2021
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A: Hi u wanna come over and try my homemade cow meat noodles?
B: Cow meat?? U mean beef??
A: Oh, yes
B: Eww, why would you say it like that... That's like calling milk 'cow juice'
by UwUltimateDoge December 12, 2021
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"Look at that meat cow over there!"
"Yeah, her name is Chloe."
by ujhygtfrd October 22, 2019
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The phrase that pimps like to say to establish their territory in the pimp world. Cows referring to the hooker and meat referring to their clients.
*in a bar*

Pablo: So I see you also like to pimp as a side hustle
Diego: Yeah, whatsittoya
Pablo: I'm a pimp too. I'll tell you what, I'll pay you some thicc moolah if you let some of your hookers work for me
Diego: Hey look man, My Cows My Meat
Pablo: no u
Diego: NO U!
by UwUltimateDoge December 12, 2021
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