A craftsman who specializes in sizing and installing kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, they charge outlandishly.
by concentrated oj February 19, 2008
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A person that dresses, talks, and acts wealthy, but is faker than a three dollar bill.

You may find people like this in your school, place of business, or public transit sporting a fake Gucci or Lois Vuitton, acting as if they are above you, but really they just have a really good sugar daddy.
Oh Becky look at that counterfeit over there, should we tell her her Lois is fake?
by Huangho February 13, 2019
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word used to describe someone or something that is fake or something that is a lie.
example one:
"that stuck up bitch with the pound of makeup caked on her face is counterfeit as fuck."

example two:
"if i ever catch you trying to buy anything from my shop with a counterfeit bill, ill blow your fucking head clean off."

example three:
"she keeps telling me she loves me, but to me it seems pretty counterfeit."
by counterfeitmeaning May 05, 2010
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A guy who hangs out at gay bars pretending to be gay. His Modus Operandi is to trick an unsuspecting female patron into thinking he has never been with a woman before and that she'll offer to be his first. A pathetic creature to say the least. Sometimes the joke ends up being on him as the odds of bringing home a transtesticle have increased ten-fold.
Female- Do you come here often?
CF- All the time. I'm gay you know.
Female- Ever been with a woman before?
CF- 500 men but not a single woman
Female- Do you want to try it?
CF- I don't know if it's me or the Wine Cooler talkin' But Yeah I'd like to try it.

later at the motel

CF( reaching into female skirt upon grabbing hold of a hairy set of nuts)
You ain't a woman!!!
Female(now male) What kind of fag reaction is that!! Your not a fag after all. I know where you hang out wait til I tell your friends.
by Tommy R May 25, 2005
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A person who grew up in the suburbs with a silver spoon in spoon in their mouth and had an easy go. When an adult they claim to have lived the hard knock life. Fake biographies abound these types have been shot numerous times yet the scars have magically disappeared.
Remember Vanilla Ice?
He was quite possibly the biggest counterfeit nigger of all time.
by Tommy R May 25, 2005
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Superficial love experiences that may seem real but in reality are insincere or feigned; illusions that can deter you from finding and sharing real love.

Love based on the illusion of separateness and a fantasy of the beloved, instead of a real knowledge of the self or the other person, this form of love can hardly be anything but counterfeit.

A relationship possessing opposite qualities of Real Love.
Example of Counterfeit Love:
The intense sexual attraction often associated with love that is coupled with a strong and sometimes desperate attempt to possess another person or to get something from that person. A desire for the excitement of being with someone new, or for someone who is not fully available.
by anangelintheairwaves June 17, 2013
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