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To be spoiled. Have many luxuries without earning them on their own. Usually by one's parents.
"That kid has been fed with a silver spoon his whole life...his dad buys him a new car every year!"
by poor kid April 23, 2005
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A person who knows nothing about real financial responsibility. They've never really had to work for much in life. They usually believe that, because of the money they have access to, they can have anything they want, including people.
"Stephanie tried to steal my boyfriend!"

"That girl is nothing but a silver spoon. Her parents have money, and she has a trust fund waiting for her when she turns 25."

Vienna Girardi is a silver spoon. She is quoted from The Bachelor, "I'm a huge daddy's girl. I'm his only daughter, so I'm his little princess. He spoils me rotten. He's bought me like five cars because I keep wrecking them."
by Countme Sin January 20, 2011
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1970's term for heroine.
The hippies used to melt heroine in a silver spoon because sliver, unlike many of the available metals, wouldn't leach toxins into the drug.
"...Crazy laughter in another room and she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon..." The Eagles, Witchy Woman.
by Amber W. March 22, 2008
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Adequately holding yourself to the higher echelon of society you were born in and out without self degradation regardless of economic standing. "Paris Hilton is a Silver Spoon born into inherited wealth but associates, networks, befriends and works with others not born into inherited wealth such as hers without delineating their characters or her family heritage yet making them feel no less of a person/peoples because of their economic background."
Jesus rose to the occasion just like any other Silverspoon would poignantly defeated his adversaries with class and grace in a dueling game of chess.
by JLaw31 June 12, 2014
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Anyone who acts above you because of their education, job status or money situation.
Yeah I guess im a second class citizen because I dont agree with that silver spoon Froggy.
by K1ller Mosquito August 05, 2008
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tool for female self-stimulation
she drover herself to madness with a silver spoon
by dpurplennovy May 18, 2005
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