A tool guarenteed for life. This person is such a tool they will never be known as otherwise.
by GeoTracker October 13, 2005
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a tool with such a magnitude of proportions it can be labeled only with a proper name identification.
The guy over there wearing the train conductors hat is indeed a craftsman.
by Sean Dolan June 12, 2003
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A maker of tools. To call someone a Craftsman is equal to calling them a terrible parent.
Neighbor: I heard your son didn't vote yesterday. You're quite the Craftsman.

Parent: Yeah, I conceived a Tool.
by CoonDawg1 November 03, 2008
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A guy that is a total dick. No matter the time or place, he always seems to be the biggest dick in the room. Tool. A craftsman is guaranteed to be a "tool" for life.
Man, did you see Bob during that meeting with the boss. He is such a craftsman.
by fanc13 June 16, 2010
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Someone who's a tool for life. A play off the lifetime warranty of Craftsman tools.
Bob: I can't believe Mark forgot to pay his rent on time again. That's like the 5th time this year.

Me: Not really a surprise, though.

Bob: Why's that?

Me: The dude's a Craftsman.

Bob: Touche, salesman. Touche.
by TenaciousMV November 30, 2011
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The King of all tools, the biggest of all the jerk off losers that you may consider a tool, or a tool bag. He is the one that thinks he is the shit at a party, and that everyone wishes they were his friend, when in all acuallity everyone is talking shit behind his clueless ass.
Dave: Nice Fuck up Jim!

Joe: Yeah, way to go Captain Craftsman!
by Jonno93 January 21, 2006
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The immense sense of pride one feels after building something or watching something be constructed.
"How does it feel to finally finish building that shed?"
"It feels great! I have a craftsman boner just thinking about it!"
by Pile Roastans March 22, 2016
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