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1. a wicket is the name of the pitch used in the game of cricket - a grassy wicket is an indication of an interesting day's play.

2. refers to the pubic hair status of a young female.

2. a good opportunity.
"she looked a bit young, but there was grass on the wicket so i went ahead and played cricket."
by noof April 07, 2004
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shenanigans; tomfoolery; descriptive term for when things are not progressing correctly. is often the actions of an arseclown.
"what do you mean there's no beer left?! why, that's complete anal buffoonery!"
by noof April 06, 2004
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i thought i bloody well invented arse-clown, but i guess not. an arse-clown is someone who tools around and is a bit weak instead of getting the job done.
that bloke there with the side burns and the john lennon glasses, talking about how much he earns in the IT industry, my best guess is he's been an arseclown from the get-go.
by noof April 03, 2004
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a meal purchased at the counter of the public bar of a drinking establishment - a counter meal.
"christ, i'm hungover as nobody's business - time for a counter attack!"
by noof April 07, 2004
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1. an extreme tool.
2. a mexican tool.
"si, si senore, mucho toolio."
by noof April 06, 2004
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