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A word misused by parents to try to throw guilt into their children.
by spel itt rite August 5, 2006
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Well, in the case of Urban Dictionary, it's someone who's only posted one definition, and that definition always bashes some other system.
I believe we all know what a fanboy is.
by spel itt rite March 14, 2006
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When two kids get mad at each other and start telling each other to shut up. There's also "you're gay" wars too.
Me: Look at them; they're having a shut up war. Heh.
Kid 1: Shut up!
Kid 2: No, you shut up!
Kid 1: No, you shut up!
Kid 2: No, you shut up!
by spel itt rite June 21, 2006
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When translated from idiot speak, it means "I've said enough BS for right now, and if I said anymore, it would be beyond my low IQ of 40."
xbox 360 r0x0rzzzz! nuff said!
by spel itt rite June 8, 2006
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To censor a word by playing it backwards. Often heard on the radio.
When you rosnec ass, it becomes saa.
by spel itt rite May 5, 2006
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Short for Post And Leave, in other words, a person who will join a website, post something stupid, and them leave and never return. A lot of fanboys fall into this category.
A fanboy is a pal. Most of them only have one post under their name.
by spel itt rite April 28, 2006
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Someone who thinks vulgar words are funny. Most children exhibit this behavior.
Child: I drew a butt! Ha ha ha! Me: That's not funny. That's immature.
by spel itt rite January 16, 2006
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