30 definitions by spel itt rite

The hatred of teenagers.
A condition that seems to affect the majority of Urban Dictionary.
Go look up the definition of teenager. That's some SERIOUS ephebiphobia right there!
by spel itt rite June 29, 2006
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Google Mobile's lame excuse for "I don't want to load this page right now so screw you."
Dang it, Google just gave me an error 502.
by spel itt rite April 3, 2006
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A small area on a table, usually a few inches in diameter. When you eat, food tends to fall out of your utensil and onto this area. Anything on the place is considered "all over the place."
You're gettin' that all over the place!
by spel itt rite March 28, 2006
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Used when a task may take a long time to complete. Usually said when you have to keep clicking the Thumbs Down button on Urban Dictionary to put a stupid definition in its rightful place: the bottom of the page.
*after seeing the definition of OMG on the top of the page* This may take a while...
by spel itt rite June 1, 2006
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Awesome blue hedgehog that saves the world from time to time.
Let's go play some Sonic.

PS: I'm surprised Sega Slayer hasn't come here yet.
by spel itt rite February 19, 2006
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What Urban Dictionary was meant to define. Now all you see are posts made by idiotic teenagers that just want to rip on school and authorities
Slang words: tight, noob, gay. NOT slang: school, police, parents.
by spel itt rite January 16, 2006
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A video game commonly found on TV, especially those "get active" commercials. To play, all you have to is push random buttons.
Easiest video game ever: The media game.
by spel itt rite January 31, 2006
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