A wallet bursting at the seams with an unusually large amount of non-monetary paper items and rarely used cards.
"Tom has Library cards and McDonalds receipts dating back to 1978 in his Costanza."
by chart March 30, 2007
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A Costanza is not being able to come up with a quick retort. Instead of being able to think on the spot, a Constanza thinks of a good comeback on the way home, in the car, the following day, two days later...

A Costanza then tries to recreate the conditions under which he was originally insulted so he can fling back a witty retort. The results range from pathetic to miserable.

"Costanza, the shrimp store called and they're running out of you."
by balls for wits January 08, 2009
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a parking space especially close to the entrance, usually the closest or second closest space.
by Brian Schiller October 05, 2006
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Front row parking. The closest, non-handicapped, parking spot to the location/ your destination.
"I couldn't believe we found a Costanza at the mall, as crowded as it was."
by Cobalt321 March 05, 2008
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A mysteriously beautiful woman. She is classy, collected, yet fun to be around. She has a gorgeous face and one of the most amazing bodies, causing every man's head to turn. However, the best part about her is her pure soul. She can have anyone she wants, but she is incredibly honest and committed to the one she chooses. Her word and actions always match and no matter what, she will always be there for you. She is confident and compassionate, the type of woman to put a smile on your face, the one you long to see and kiss at the end of the day. If you let her go, you will regret it until the day you die. Costanza is the type you want to marry.
Guy 1: Damn! Do you see that girl!?

Guy 2: She has the best ass I've ever seen!!

Guy 3: Yeah, that ass is fat, but what's better is her intellect. She's a Costanza!
by lolpshhh December 26, 2012
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