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To put it in general terms, this definition means that's you're nothing , but a Cheapskate. It's nothing bad, but this refers that you won't GIVE OUT ANY DAMN MONEY TO ANY FUCKIN' BODY. Especially to your friends, your family, your boo, some associates you may know, and definitely to some strangers. No matter the damn reason, whether you're homeless or et cetera; if that person doesn't pay me/you what I/you fuckin' gave him/her, then his/her ass will be hunted until he/she pays what he/she owes to me/you. This term serves as an excuse to people, who had generously lend out money to some people, but had never gotten it back.
Guy 1: What's sup, Dawg! Guy 2: Yeah, what's sup, man. Guy 1: Hey! You my hommi, right? Guy 2: That's right. Guy 1: And if I'm in trouble, you'll be there, right? Guy 2: Sho'nuff, Man. Guy 1: I'm gonna keep it one hundred with you and tell you that I'ma little short sum guap and I need some right away. Guy 2: Sorry, man, but I can't do that. Guy 1: AWW! Why man? I though me and you was tight. Guy 2: Naw man. We are be tight, Fo Real. But its that I'm a little tight with money, after James and his damn crew never pay me back and we're only soliciting my hard earn money just to have a laugh about it . So it's been hard for me to trust people these days, man. You understand, right? Guy 1: Damn.
by JMHO July 12, 2015
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