The best rapper alive ( in my opinion ). From philly and raps about his hard times growing up and about the riches he has today. His flow is so amazing and he is a nut at freestyling.
Meek Mill songs- Burn, middle of da summer
by Maybach-Music October 24, 2012
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An aspiring hip hop artist coming out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is signed to The Maybach Music Group (MMG) and managed by Jay-z's label; ROC-NATION. Mill was arrested in court on a probation violation in which he was rail-roaded with an illegal sentence of 2-4 years in the state correctional institution of Chester in Pennsylvania which caused alot of controversy. Mill is now a primary voice for prison reform.
Meek Mill is one of the top rappers in the industry.
by South Phillys Finest August 1, 2018
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To get bodied or get your career ended, unfortunately Meek Mill was castrated by Drake in a rap beef he lost all of his street cred and definitely will lose Nicki in the future.
*Some random nigga calls you a bitch in front of your girl* You keep it real and confront him, he ends up beating the shit out of you. You got MEEK MILL'D
by Truth1997 August 2, 2015
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1. Someone who screams a lot to the point where it hurts the ars of anyone who is near.

2. Someone who 'gets bodied' by a lame singin' nigga who doesn't write his own raps.
The father meek milled the entire night after he saw his son's bad report card.

Meek Mill got bodied by a singin' nigga (kind of, that shit was pretty weak tbh)
by Icy Wyte June 23, 2022
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Once a successful rapper from Philadelphia, now deceased. // To start something you can not finish.
M: "Im gonna go beat up the biggest guy at school"
N: "Don't Meek Mill like that man"
by tominicdurton August 5, 2015
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"Damn, did you hear about the beef between Meek Mill and Drake?"
by Twen Duish July 11, 2016
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best rapper in the world representin philly,hes in his bag right now
you hear that new meek mill track? it's straight fire
by scorey February 4, 2009
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