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Arrogant Psychological projection by Corvette owners. They make an average of $90,000+ a year and assume teens with Civics or other economical import are ignorant for not buying a Corvette or 500hp Mustang. For some reason they have the delusional thought that a 17 year old working at Wal-Mart or Auto Zone can afford a $55,000 uninsurable car that gets 16 MPG @ 3.55 a gallon. They claim these teens spent 50 grand on their Civics but really most are just 3000 dollar cars with a loud muffler, crappy wing and a K&N air filter.

These guys are usually the same assholes that think everyone not on a crappy Harley-Davidson wants one.
Corvette Frank: When are going to get rid of that ricer and get a Corvette.

Teenager: That's a typical Vette owners Corvette Logic. I'll get one when McDonalds starts paying $120,000 a year. Dude I could not pay your insurance rates and you are 58.

Corvette Frank: Back in my day I had a 1965 Pontiac GTO 389/360hp

Teenager: Let me know when gas hits 29 cents a gallon again and Maybe I'll get one.
by Harley Earl April 15, 2008
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Don't kid yourself. Ralph Nader is man that has made millions from speaking fees then made more in investments in the same corporation he claims to hate. In the 1970s Nader claimed to live in a boarding house with a bathroom down the hall. Turns out he had a luxury home purchased in his brothers name. This is a man that stays in first class hotels. For all the "Democrats are corporate whores" talk he will not release his tax forms either.

He talks about not owning a car and they are unsafe. We should take the bus. Turns out he bums rides from employees in their *gasp* cars!

He also stopped his own employees from creating a union. many were making 13,000 a year salary for 60-80 hours a week workloads. Nader says:

"I don't think there is a role for unions in small nonprofit 'cause' organizations any more than ... within a monastery or within a union."

Totally ignores the point that most working for non-profits could give a shit less about the mission. They are there to make a living. To them it's a job and not a calling.

Although they had handling problems anyone that thinks he killed the Corvair should do some research and maybe google it. Those cars were expensive to produce, sold for very little, not many options and turned little in profit. Sales were down and GM had decided to kill the car but continued to make the car with poor sales in 1967-1969 to spite Nader claims. Anyone with a knowledge of cars could tell you the death of the Corvair was because of new cheaper models with fresh designs like the Camaro(Sept. 1966) and Mustang(april 1964). Mustangs and cougars 1964-1970 by the way have fuel tanks in the trunk that can explode on rear impact. Much like Pintos.
I agree with a lot of the words coming out of Ralph Nader's mouth. Too bad his real record does not match the rhetoric. Ralph Nader is just the anti-corporate version of Jessie Jackson.

Fuck Ralph Nader. I am getting a 1964 Corvair convertible.
by Harley Earl March 18, 2008
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Till recently a brand of nice, well optioned, large cars. Now just an overpriced, Chevrolets. Fewer models are offered and people cannot name a single current models. The Regal, Lesabre and Park Avenue were huge sellers so management decided to scrap them for the LaCrosse, Enclave(suv crossover)and Lucerne. Only reason I know what they are is cause I checked their website. Now you never see these new Buicks.

GMs usual mistake is hiring excutives that only look at the bottom line instead of what the consumer wants, what the consumer wants it to be call and what the consumer will pay for it. The bottom line would fix itself with sales and increased production.
Because GM, like most American companies are run by dumbshits it is likely that Buick and Pontiac will cease production in the next few years following the fate of Oldsmobile.

I remember not long ago when my brother bought a Regal for less than 20k. Now this Buick LaCrosse rubbish cost 28,700!

Even Tiger Woods cannot trick someone into paying 10 grand too much for a Buick.

Harley Earl is spinning in his grave watching these idiots ruining Buick and killing Oldsmobile.
by Harley Earl March 18, 2008
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Small, economical truck made by Ford (1983-2011) that has unfortunately been discontinued. Mazda B series is a re-branded version of the same truck since companies pay a 25% tariff** on truck imports. Building a Mazda factory in the US was not economical for the volume they sold. Likely no longer made due Ford wanting to upsell consumers on a loaded F150 that's much more heavy and less economical than what a Ranger owner is looking for.

**(Bing Chicken Tax)
Ford Ranger like the Explorer and Probe seem more reliable than the rest of their cars. Must be cause Mazda was involved.

Now that the Ford Ranger is gone your choice is something big or bigger. I think I'll find a used Ranger.

In the USA Ford Rangers are driving by old people, young people and companies. Most anyone that needs a small truck with relatively decent mileage,
by Harley Earl January 04, 2012
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A car General Motors quit making in 1967.

The current overly plastic turd marketed by GM as a Z06 Corvette can go over 190 mph. This is the main argument when owners and prospective owners bash other all other cars. Never mind the US speed limit is 70mph and these losers would crap on themselves at over 120. Their cars are driven no faster than a POS Chevy Malibu.

The best thing about not owning a Corvette is that they are a bigger cop magnet than an INDY car. Reason being they are not likely to pull over a Porsche 911 or Ferrari cause they don't know what the hell it is, although some cops mistake Ferrari for corvette cause it has round tail lights and must be a Curvette, Duh! So basically you have a car that a Jealous, idiot cop knows and can brag to his buddies, "I wrote a black covette for 59 in a 45. Really he was on doing 35." This is the main reason Corvettes and Vipers are seen in parade mode, 15 mph under the speed limit.

Corvette was a great car till the bean counters fired the styling department and started using cheaper materials.
by Harley Earl April 11, 2008
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Owned by conglomerate Honeywell. Maker of low quality, well marketed oil filters. Also makers of air filters that aren't that bad. Their oil filters are unlikely to ruin your engine but it's a premium priced product that is made cheaper than those costing less. Fram uses glue to hold cheap cardboard end caps on the filter media. You can spend one or two bucks less and get a filter with metal end caps. When cut open Fram's end paper caps make them look more like a roll of toilet paper than an oil filter.
My engine knocked during cold starts with the OCOD and Tough Guard. I Dumped the fram and went with Purolator Classic. No more knocking.

Fram filters are known as OCOD. Orange Can of Death. I use a Wal-Mart Super Tech before Fram.

Fram makes other relabeled filters. A good alternative is Purolator, Wix or Motorcraft. Motorcraft is made by Purolator at the time of writing.
by Harley Earl January 17, 2012
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What you call a Trans Am, Firebird or Camaro. Old GM would cut cost and makes knock-offs or variations of their own products

The Term Came about since they are almost the same cars and the owner would likely be as happy with the opposite of what they own since it's the same with exceptions being minor interior change, some trim, grill, tail-lights, wheels. These cars share many of the same components and design. This still happens but being more conscience of a wiser consumer interiors and exteriors are much different than sister cars unlike the 70s-90s.
Skeeter bought an IROC-Z and later saw a Firebird Formula in the same color. Skeeter didn't really giver a crap since both are really TransCamaros.

GM brought you the TransCamaro and the Oldsmnova. Is it a Chevrolet Nova, a Pontiac Ventura or an Oldsmobile Omega? Unless you're a collector no few care.

A Ford version of the TransCamaro was the Mustang/Capri.
by Harley Earl December 24, 2011
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