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Fruit Stripe Gum;
A gum with painted on stripes, with exuberant flavoe, for about five seconds. After you experience the initial taste, you have to spit it out and get another piece. FSG is also quite notorious for its wrapper wich have a tattoo on them, featuring a zebra by the name of Yipes, doing various sport activities.
Dave: Yo ZDUB!! me and will were just chewing some FSG!!


Dave: Yeah! but we went through a whole pack in like one minute.
by Zac Archer January 31, 2009
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A group of fat soccer girls, who usually do not realize they're fat. The origin of this acronym originated in Colonia, NJ where soccer girls are known notoriously for being fat. This term is constantly used in and around neighboring cities of Colonia but can we used nation wide, as long as the soccer girls in that town are overweight. FSG should not be mistaken for famous soccer girls or fabulous soccer girls.
Here comes the annoying FSG.
That fat girl Rebecca is part of that group fsg.
by MadMANN9847 March 08, 2009
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Usually, Fat Scene Girl; the one large girl that seems to exist in any group of hipster girls.

Can also refer to Fat Scene Guy.
Person 1: Whoa, look at those FSG's dancing.
Person 2: Yeah, I think the patio is shaking.
by yourpopquizkid February 03, 2008
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an item
a friend/ or g/f or b/f
any of your items
"man get the fuck off my fsg!"
by B-dawg February 22, 2005
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A Flaming Sex God

A gorgeous person who looks like they came straight out of Greek mythology.

Often described as tan with curly blonde hair and light eyes.
A: "woah did you just see that FSG?"
B: "mmmhmmm I really want to run my fingers throught his curly hair."
A: "yeah... I would do him."
by lard face November 30, 2006
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A "fat scene girl" who may or maybe not be shaped like an egg.
F.S.G. approaching! Her hideous orange-tanned roles and unflattering haircut make we want to kill myself.
by Dfrantz September 07, 2007
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A common acronym for Five Swag Guys, a misunderstood group of prototypical douche bags that claim significance in the social spectrum of Hudson High School. In reality, members of FSG derive their pretentious attitudes from their lack of dick-mass and their failure to possess intelligence quotients entirely.
"Dude, isnt that those FSG fags?"

"Yeah bro, the sad thing is there's more than five members."
by youarehated13 May 23, 2012
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