Oman is an expression used widely among TMC (Technical Minecraft) and it has the same meaning as oh man.
"The quarry broke"

by Duckie duck May 7, 2021
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The only peaceful Arab country left on this god forsaken planet.
Hey Oman seems like a nice place.
by teetan November 29, 2017
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A flirt that is kind and passionate and loving towards woman he is an excellent lover in bed and knows how to satisfy any woman he meets and is very kind and knowledgeable with mental power and has a irresistible charm that makes everyone feels safe
“Wow what a great guy he’s such a Oman”
by Totallynotoman October 15, 2021
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Oman can be used when you have messed up bad or someone else.
"Oman he got through the fallback line"

"Oman why did you not take care of that problem"

"No, no, why did you run there, Oman why?"
by KrisYeet November 15, 2021
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most people says that its the most beautiful country in the middle east .. its known with its nice, polite and generous people .. although it's not so much modernized like some other countries in the middle east(e.g. dubai) it's a calm place that make you relax and feel HAPPY ..
Man 1 : where will you spend your vacation this year?!

Man 2 : i want a calm nice place to relax, what do you recommend?!

Man 1 : Oman
by AmericanHistoryXX October 15, 2009
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a middle eastern nation, it's been a kingdom for a long time. it was once a british mandate for a few decades, but this never worked well. the sultan has had absolute power in the country for centuries. oman was able to become extremely wealthy with its nationalized oil company. although it's not something that people generally think of in the middle east, this nation has a pretty high standard of living and doesn't have crazy strict relgious laws.
oh man, what's the name of the country? yeah, oman, that's it!
by Ben E. Hama February 2, 2007
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