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A brilliant little sports car with the highest naturally-aspirated displacement-to-horsepower ratio on the market. Hated by morons who fail to realize there are people with different interests, and torque isn't everything. The car produces 240 hp from a naturally-aspirated inline-four (and 152 ft-lbs. of torque with a surprisingly flat torque curve throughout the RPM range, which is quite a lot considering it weighs 2,800 lbs), which is mated to what is arguably the best and most clean-shifting 6-speed transmission on the market. The car has excellent handling due to the fact that it comes with a limited-slip differential and that it was designed from the beginning with an X-frame chassis as a convertible, so it is stiff, as well as light enough, to embarrass much more expensive sports cars on the track.
You need to realize that it's not all about muscle cars vs. whatever the fuck. We're all car enthusiasts, so we're all fighting the same battle: Us versus the law. Fuck your petty little arguments about torque and whatnot, if a car is fast, it's fast. The purpose of a Honda S2000 is to be a high-revving sports car, the purpose of a Mustang GT is to go quickly from point A to point B (in a straight line of course). So shut the fuck up, go out, and drive.

P.S. - I hate ricers.
by Oranjalow June 08, 2006
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The Honda S2000 is a 2-seater roadster that has either a 2.0L or 2.2L F##c-series DOHC VTEC, both of which are making 240hp. It's a pretty light car that is known for it's fun-to-drive qualities due to amazingly handling and response and also the sweet steering and shifter feel. These things, and consider the 9000rpm engine, you very quickly realize how sweet of a sports car this is!
When I drive my Honda S2000, I can't stop grinning from ear to ear!
by Jesse Giswold February 01, 2006
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When I get a good enough job that I can stop riding lawnmowers and imagining that they're cars, I'm going to buy a badass S2000.
by Silverstone Metallic May 15, 2003
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a zippy naturally aspirated rwd jap car, it is quick and reliable unlike most domestic v8s. all the talk here is torque, the car is so well balanced that is doesnt need that much torque, it is still torquey after 6500rpm unlike most v8s.
by cherry 2000 December 03, 2003
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A RWD 6-Speed convertible built by the cool people at Honda, which has awesome performance, is WAY better than a muscle car (muscle cars are still good though), and also makes a reliable drift car, y'know? Personally, drag would kinda seem boring after a while, since you just drive straight, its still a good way to show who's faster, but I like more turns when driving, while still going fast, so there's drifting. Plus, it's got that whole "Azn Eyes" look in its head and tail lights. It's a really Asian-looking car, and it really proves its worth performance-wise, with 240 hp, 9000 rpm, and smooth shifting and handling. and it's lightweight, so you can really beat the crap out of most of the other cars at some events! XP
Honda S2000..? What do you think? Muscle or Sport? Drag or Drift? Strightaways or turns? The battle continues..

P.S. Ricers are awesome.
by Nero-Kun August 04, 2006
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Person 1: Wow, what kind of car is that?
Person 2: That's a Honda S2000. They make them for gay people I think.
by CJ DUB January 25, 2008
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