See "bullshit" because only special kids spell it "bulshit".
AIM conversation:

Person1: Man, that's bulshit.
Person2: It's spelled "bulLshit," moron.
by Dust Bunny Dies March 2, 2009
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Putting human beings into labelled categories.

Let us label many people so it's easy to discriminate against them.
Political Bulshit: labelling human beings into categories is discrimination.

Label people as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or Straight. (Don't label us, we're human.)

Labelled race Black, White, Chinese, etc. (Don't label us, we're human.)

Every time a group of people are labelled. We are divided.

Have you ever heard the saying divided We fall, united we stand strong and tall?

(Black lives matter) This is racist, Black people are not the only humans on the planet. we should be respecting each other. Black Lives Matter was set up to start a racial war between black people and all the other races around the world.

We are slowly being labelled and this is causing havoc, wars, and disrespect. Around the world.
by Unlabelled human. June 3, 2022
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