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The moment when you got yourself into a jam and your helpless at to what the outcome will be. Also it may happen so fast the impending result will most defintivel be unfavorable to your life plan.
I think I made it up. I think I invented the phrase since I don' think it was in a moovie.
What you do when you put a screw in wrong and have to take it out-"I have to unscrew what you 2 cork-screwed up"
"Damn, dawg your cork-screwed"

Your to busy cork-screwing me over...

I told Tonya her boobs were fake and now she gonna tell everyone I slept with the teacher assistant, basically I'm cork-screwed.
by Dr. Christophe November 13, 2004
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A person riding a roller coaster who experiences a loss of personal objects such as ipods, cell phones, cameras, and various wads of cash while going upside down.
"Man, I just lost my phone and my new camera on that spin! How the hell am I going to replace that?"
"Ha, I don't know're corkscrewed."
by Alex...Kimber April 30, 2007
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