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Used to confuse someone in the process of making a counter-clockwise maneuver, causing them to reverse direction against all logic and reasoning. The grinding of mental gears ensues as the individual instinctively reverses direction, thus moving clockwise, even though the suggested "correction" indicated a change to counter-clockwise. Tons of fun at parties.
*someone passes the joint counter-clockwise, away from you*
"No dude, COUNTER-clockwise!"
*the individual reverses direction and passes you the joint*
by zanhoshi October 09, 2009
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Going the opposite way of the clock handles go , instead of going to the left it spins to the right. Can also mean thinking backwards or thinking about something so much you go back to where you started/first thought of.
Hurricanes in the northern hemisphere spin Counterclockwise
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by aRandomNoob7 November 15, 2020
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Not to be confused with counter-clockwise or counter clockwise, counterclockwise is a clue in the online Ometyrn Challenge, you should check out the definition for that, too
What kind of challenge is it to look up the definition of counterclockwise?
by OmetyrnMaster May 24, 2020
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