Used to confuse someone in the process of making a counter-clockwise maneuver, causing them to reverse direction against all logic and reasoning. The grinding of mental gears ensues as the individual instinctively reverses direction, thus moving clockwise, even though the suggested "correction" indicated a change to counter-clockwise. Tons of fun at parties.
*someone passes the joint counter-clockwise, away from you*
"No dude, COUNTER-clockwise!"
*the individual reverses direction and passes you the joint*
by zanhoshi October 09, 2009
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Another way of saying clockwise. Used by either very stupid people or someone making fun of a very stupid person saying "reverse counter clock wise"
"Not that way asshole, you gotta turn it reverse counter-clockwise!"
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when a 3ft tall migit stands benith you with your legs spred while she nibbles on your sphincter star, and grasping your scrotum and rotates it counter clockwise.
dam Bridget Powerz sucked the shit out of my sphincter last nigh shit just hasent been the same since then literaly.i got the counter clockwise umpa lumpa
by gangstagrillz1 March 26, 2010
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1. A Category Six Counter-Clockwise Shitstorm is similar to that of a conventional shitstorm when a series of unwanted and distasteful events unfolds in a very short proximity of time. The Category Six Counter-Clockwise Shitstorm, however, is when this series of typically fucked up events surpasses the point of being classified as a simple shitstorm and it becomes a giant conglomeration of near apocalyptic chaos.

2. A measurement of the force and speed at which faeces exits one's colon. The number of the category may be changed in respect to the aforementioned.
1. Teacher: Good morning class, I know that yesterday I gave you a new project on top of your history project assigned the day before in addition to the intense studying for the Pythagorean Theorem and trigonometrical exam that you have tomorrow, but now I must change the book report's due date to tomorrow as well.

Student: Board up the windows, this is a Category Six Counter-Clockwise Shitstorm!

2. Person A: What the hell happened to the toilet bowl? It's all cracked and chipped.

Person B: Category Six Counter-Clockwise Shitstorm.

Person A: Jesus.
by Freissner August 25, 2007
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الله نيغا الجنس عنزة البنجابية نيغا الجنس والتر يمارس الجنس مع لي
Oh man, I love myself some counter clockwise Walter nigga sex when I'm feeling down.
by kokobiggun December 05, 2019
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