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Derived by combining the word "Drogba," last name of soccer player Didier Drogba, and "nigger," a racial slur. The word makes reference to Drogba's extremely dark skin color and stereotypical negroid features.

Applies mainly to field niggers and other low-ranking slaves.
"You stupid nigba, get me a goddamn lemonade."
"I had to fire three nigbas because they weren't meeting their cotton quota."
by featherston November 22, 2011
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(n.) When a person is about to say nigga but they are talking to a white person so say nibba before it is too late
(adj.) A person who shares the characteristics of a nigga and nibba, but there is a noticeable difference.

Credits: F0RG3T1T
(n.) Wassah my nig.. nigba!
(adj.) Dafuq is he doin', damn, he such a nigba...
by Swxyn July 04, 2017
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