To destroy, or end, demolish. slang named for the history of the trechorous Mass highway Route 128 which has alot of fatal or near fatal car accedents (I was in one)
Sven: I'll 128 you
Tim: what happed to your oldsmobile?
Me: I 128ed it
by Derek Lucas October 4, 2006
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the highway from hell. stretch of i95 and i93 in eastern massachusetts.
if you are doing 75 in the left lane on 128, you are mostlikly causing traffic
by some guy from ma June 13, 2006
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If you cover up the top half it will make up another sentence which says "I love you"
Me: "Hands over a sheet to my crush that says 128√e980"
My Crush: What is this
Me: Try covering the top half
My Crush: Aww I also love you
by ArchGryphon9362 August 27, 2019
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This rule cancels out all attempts rule effect/actions and mirrors it to the other speaker using original rule.
*girl on phone*

Guy: "rule 8"

Girl: " rule 128"

Guy " Shit "
by Prairie_dog_alien_dinosaur October 28, 2015
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A lesser known term for Super Mario Sunshine. As Super Mario 64 was hosted on a 64-bit machine, it made sense to call Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario 128 because:
1 - You collect red coins.
2 - You're collecting some form of star (shines).
3 - You need certain amounts of shines (stars) to activate particular events. (They just don;t tell you how many.)
4 - You can get 100 coin shines.
5 - Its run on Gamecube, a 128-bit machine.
Kenn: I don't think there is seriously anything better than Super Mario 64.

Andy: Like Super Mario 128? The number after is doubled! ;D

Kenn: Oh shut up about that dumb glitchy Super Mario Sunshine, you dimwit. It'll never be what Super Mario 64 has become.
by KiChan January 30, 2010
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The math problem of the day on Valentines Day. If you wrote this down on paper (not exactly the same as mine or you wont succeed) and cut that in half you will see a message. What is it? I LOVE YOU? Boy, you are right. It is lovely!
Person one: *writes down 128 √(e × 980) on Valentines Day*
Person two: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Person one: *erases top half*
Person one: There you are!
Person two: 😍 (❤‿❤ )
by 147852369/*-+.0 November 10, 2020
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Ariah miller! An amazing tiktoker shes nice and funny! She’s intelligent and loves to dance on tiktok!
by Pizzahut7281 September 8, 2021
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