Someone your man leaves you for.
Basically that bitch your man used to date.
The bitch maybe wants him back but can't get that him cause he's yours!!!
Jane look your corbos passing!
by RealMofo March 15, 2015
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Any guy that thinks he is a God but really is a fucking clown and has no friends. Normally one who got his ass kicked in school and now talks down to people
Try that Corbo shit w me and I'll beat ya ass like I used to.

Now get me some McDonalds Bitch
by E-Nuff2 June 18, 2017
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the act of inhaling a marijuana blunt or joint from the lit end by accident.
Kid 1: Did you see that dude corbo the blunt?
Kid 2: Yea that itiot burnt his lips bad
by joe73839802 July 12, 2008
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