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Duke Dennis Is The Best Stretch Of All Time
by Ronnie Suck June 21, 2020
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That dude yo girl told you not to worry about. This superman ass nigga does backflips all day long he has grills and shit like ok nigga we get it u can fuck my girl but just once big bro ok?? Ngl if i was a girl 👀
"yk Duke Dennis??"
"the one that be doing backflips and smilin with his grills ??"
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Fine mf from SC. Born 02 26,1994. Youtuber with 1M+ subs. Goated 2K player.
Finna watch Duke Dennis on YouTube right quick before we leave gng.
by raawr :| June 22, 2022
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Duke Dennis is him
by Nottye May 20, 2023
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Young but tall fine ass nigga that easily could take yo bitch with not even saying shit

Niggas know him by the name "Unspoken Rizz"
cuz that nigga just cute af!
Dude 1: „Aye gang u heard of that nigga called Duke dennis?“

Dude 2: „fasho i would let him clap my buns tho“

Dude 3: „yall gay af

Dude 1,2: „ stfu before we pull up the 9 on u“
by Mrchoppedcheese August 30, 2022
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