Over The Counter.
In referece to legal drugs sold OTC at drugstores/chemists.
"After doing Ice, OTC Ritalyn was never the same."
by Diego August 28, 2003
over the clothes; a girl that only lets you feel her up over her clothes
Dude, are you going to try and get with Erica?

Nah dude, not worth it, she's OTC.

Did you get any last night?
Nah man, the girl I was with was OTC.
by JimBroko June 14, 2011
Oral To Completion. Sometimes advertised alongside escort services, indicating the service of a blowjob until ejaculation.
by RichieRichVegas February 13, 2009
A bar on River St. in Plains, PA. Short for Olde Tyme Charlie's.
we just left OTC after an epic night of drinking!
by raverwolf April 15, 2011
over30club, over thirty club
Those OTC guys really kick ass at CS
by TeeWee September 23, 2006
Out of The Club.

Is buying a private dance from a stripper out of the club, such as in a motel or her place, as opposed to the VIP room in the club.
I saw Bambi OTC at a short stay after the club closed; she blew me away with her special dance.
by Earl_the_Pearl July 30, 2012