A Cooter is a " Gopher " Turtle . A land Turtle that lives in burrows usally near swamps and lakes .
The word " Cooter " is usally used in the Southeastern USA to describe the " Gopher " Turtle .
In recent years it has found it's way into slang as a synonym for Vagina ( pussy )
Also in the deep South it can have another meaning refering to an old hard working southern man ( aka Red Neck ) who is drunk .
" Look over yander y'all , there's a Cooter going in that hole "
" Man I bet da bitch gots some fine Cooter " !
"yo , I gots some of dat Cooter Pop " !
" Hey y'all , Bill's drunk as a cooter "
" Mr. Johnson , he's a hard working old coot ( er ) "
by Ricky Wright August 22, 2004
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1. The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.
2. A similar part in some invertebrates.
Synonyms - see vagina, poon, cunt, twat, pussy, etc
"Either your cooters work, or they don't" -Tina Fey, Weekend Update (Saturday Night Live)

"I think I popped my cooter bone out." -Lindsay Lohan, Appalachian Emergency Room (Saturday Night Live)

Apparently SNL likes to use that word...
by ithinkipoppedmycooterboneout August 13, 2005
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Little oasis between the leggs of a fine female, clean and well kept- the cooter is the king of the pussy slang because it doesnt oozzzze classlessness
and if you can find one to call your own you better eat it up- cuz the cooter changes aliances fast!
I have the cutest cooter! BoooHAHA
by Tabitha February 28, 2005
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