Efficiently performing a task after a long period of inefficient performance or possibly failed attempts at the entire task or certain steps in the process.
(After thirty minutes of working hard and getting almost nothing done but then suddenly finding a way to do it efficiently)
NOW we're cooking with gas!
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey December 29, 2006
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Before natural gas people cooked with wood, then gas became the new thing, being modern up to date as in now your cooking with gas!
Wow I finally figured out how to put in my speed demon game card! now I'm cooking with gas!
by arthurnor August 29, 2011
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(variants: oil may replace gas)
working very efficiently(an elaboration of cooking)
Once I am donerading the book I have chosen to write about, I will be cooking with gas.
by Light Joker October 13, 2004
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when everythig is going well and nothing is going wrong
'o yes 6-0 we are cooking on gas'
by ashfin91 March 5, 2006
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feeling giddy in the head, so happy that you could bust
"Since I found this new girl I'm just cooking on gas."
by kitznegari November 9, 2002
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when a friend is wrong, but won't admit it.
"I did see a ghost Ben!"
No abi, you're just cooking on gas
by Mr Bumblebadger September 14, 2011
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Generally referring to someone going from average mental output to a better, more genius level of thought.
Person A: "I think I'm gonna stop doing all this complicated math by hand and start using a calculator."

Person B: "Now you're cooking with gas!"
by Stormcastle October 12, 2010
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