To inflict significant harm upon oneself, or significantly benefit the libs, out of a misguided attempt at spite. The word "own" is short for "owngoal".
After Dr. Seuss's estate decided to withdraw four of his books, the right responded by buying large amounts of Dr. Seuss books to own the libs.

Herman Cain died of COVID to own the libs.
by Queen Buttrix April 19, 2021
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When you face no consequences for your morally reprehensible actions.
"Boy, those Republicans sure did own the libs when they split up refugee families at the border!"
by Eddie Teach September 27, 2018
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To humiliate, debunk, annoy or assert dominance over Liberals, or socially left-leaning individuals.

Often used ironically in relation to Conservative or socially Right-Wing individuals who engage in petty behaviour, hipocrisy or morally questionable actions, in an attempt to humiliate/provoke Liberals.

Person A: Did you watch X Person in last night's debate? He truly dominated the scene, the moderator literaly called off the debate because the opposition couldn't even make up a coherent sentence. And the audience was already protesting.

Person B: He truly owned the libs.


Person A: I refuse to wear a mask in public, its my freedom, and your feelings don't matter.

Person B: wow... Getting Covid to own the libs...
by Veil of Ignorance October 19, 2020
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Things incels, right wing cucks, and losers say to shut down an argument and make them feel good about something in their shitty lives.
Karen was proclaming that "she own the libs" when all liberals get silent due to her startling stupidity
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