Gradual recovery of any (noun here).
I awaited her convalescance from the previous night.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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the "actual" spelling of the word which is defined in urbandictionary under the heading convalesce.
Bill used to be able to spell perfectly untill predictive text came in, now we await the comunicative societies convalescence.
by Mickie.B! June 20, 2006
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Think of "Convalesce You" as a secular alternative to the customary "God Bless You" or "Bless You" one might say in response to another's sneeze. "Convalesce" means to recuperate, recover, or regain one's health. Saying "Convalesce You" (rendered as a 3-syllable con-vless-you) in response to a sneeze satisfies the social norm of not disregarding another person's sneeze, without invoking any Gods or representing any authority to confer blessings.
AHHH AHHH AHHH CHOOOO!!! Convalesce You!
by texlex61 December 10, 2020
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