2 definitions by Mickie.B!

1/ Process of being given authority to act.

2/ The Job description Given Commissioner Gorden (one of Batmans best Homies).
1/ Mick; "this is so exciting, i have been given a commisioning to go out and eat all of the blueberries in the world, by god himself!"

2/ C.G; "It says nothing about wearing leather OR spandex in my Job Description Batman! look here 'COMMISSIONING' that is all!"
by Mickie.B! June 21, 2006
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the "actual" spelling of the word which is defined in urbandictionary under the heading convalesce.
Bill used to be able to spell perfectly untill predictive text came in, now we await the comunicative societies convalescence.
by Mickie.B! June 19, 2006
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