southern/redneck slang : take kindly to, appreciate; usually used in the negative form, however
Redneck 1 : I didn't cotton to the way you looked at my daughter.

Redneck 2 : I don't rightly care, I love her whether she's my mom or not.
by Homey G. June 14, 2005
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To realize or catch on to something - usually something in the past which you should have figured out at the time but didn't; Scottish slang.
She was giving all kinds of hints that she was interested in me, but I just didn't cotton on until I got home.
by Sean-say November 14, 2007
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Latin for bacon (see Natalie Tran's YouTube channel to understand)
"Now I suggest you turn off the steam on the iron and have it on cotton setting to cook the bacon, because we all know that cotton is Latin for bacon."
by natalietranlikesmariahcarey November 23, 2011
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come to some sort of realisation
the guy hasn't cottoned on to us stealing all his shit yet
by searchaboob April 22, 2010
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word used to describe a small piece of cotton used to draw-up your drug of choice into a syringe. this piece of cotton can be from a cigarette filter(already smoked, or not if you're lucky), from a Q-tip, or it can be pre-made and distributed at a needle exhange.
yo, i need to get some cotton to get off.
by g-ring March 27, 2007
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