1. Agreeable, suitable for compromise or collaboration.

2. Having like tastes, sympathetic.
Bill was very congenial during the meeting, unlike Brenda who has to take an issue with everything I say.
by Dioxylin March 5, 2011
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You would find this person pleasant because they have a personality, or some qualities, or interests that are like yours. see also congenial
Me and Jim are like congeniality.
by xSilent_Ninjax October 5, 2015
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A friendly, social person. The centre of attention, gets along with everyone. Usually an attractive person as well.
Everyone loves Sandi, just call her miss congeniality..
by HBissy March 20, 2006
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the person named most fun in a beauty pageant
whoa she was miss congeneality?!
by Nikster May 30, 2005
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