Jane Austen for marriage material; used most often as an adjective for eligible bachelors or ladies. Typically, agreeable individuals are both wealthy and attractive.
Girl 1: I heard that man has a large estate and is yet unmarried.

Girl 2: Yes, he is most agreeable.
by sterlinglyons February 20, 2009
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The Agreeable Unicorn is a sex move specifically made for men with man buns or top knots. A dildo is wrapped up in the hair of the man bun or top knot, and is then used to penetrate a sexual partner. This was aptly named because someone with a dildo wrapped up in their hair looks like a unicorn, and the act of penetrating a partner looks like the unicorn nodding yes in agreement.
Katie was giving Jonathan booty, then he took the rubber band out of his hair and wrapped a dildo up in his long luscious locks, then Jonathan gave Katie the Agreeable Unicorn to her satisfaction.
by slipintoaslimjim October 11, 2016
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A phrase used by old software salespeople when they don't realise that corporate bollocks is no longer cool.
I'd like to walk through what your long-term plans are and what your views for this agreement would be, and how we can then open up the parameters to make it synergistically agreeable.
by OpsDudeUK November 23, 2022
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when a loser agrees with a queen and then says they would never agree with said queen the queen asks if she's not agreeablely
"I would never agreeablely with you 😡😡😡😢😡😢😡😢😡"
"am I not agreeablely"
by Wjjsj January 23, 2023
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