short for congratulations. to not give a shit about something at all. sarcastic. to disregard someones statement rudely and not care at all.
hey man, i got an A on my math test!

oh really? CON!
by richard coswald May 04, 2010
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any shoe made by the converse brand which include but is not limited to chuck taylor all stars chucks
"hey i just got a new pair of cons"
"oh man thats great i love cons"
by rileyz September 02, 2006
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An Opiate
Usually refferring to Oxycontin
The guy in apartment 3c dabbles in cons.
by weegee July 24, 2005
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Jamaican equivalent to cunt, pussy, nookie or punanny.
Pronounced in the same way as the name Khan.
Tek Con (Macka Diamond's Reply to Vybz Kartel's 'Tek Buddy' song).

Mi want aah big fat juicy con fi mi buddy to ramp wid.
by Joe Ka$h November 20, 2005
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Insulte Québecoise.
Ce gars-la est vraiment un con.
by Krass December 06, 2003
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