Guy 1: MS-DOS is a great operating system.

Guy 2: Yeah, too bad few know how to use it.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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An operating system which is also the origin of the name of a notorious family. Acronym for MicroSoft Disk Operating System.
Fundo thought MS-DOS sounded cool, but two wasn't his favorite number, so he changed his last name to something else that was similar to that.
by authOOr August 8, 2006
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A good operating system purchased by Microsoft and developed by them. It was a revolutionary command line OS. The final version, 6.22, was released in 1994.

DOSBox is a good emulator.
MS-DOS is a great OS isn't it Bob?
Certainly better than Windows 8! XD
That is not saying much. Even Windows Me is better than windows 8?
What about Vista?
Oh, it was an OK OS. Like Windows 7.
by BristolBrick January 22, 2016
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