Con (verb) /kōōn/ like (cone)long vowel 'O' . From Modern Language referring to Convfefe after President Trump Tweet, its meaning is unknown but has been widely used as a criticism and or flourish meaning crazy. Not to be confused with con ( verb) meaning to persuade deceptively.
Your a con!
This shit is con!
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by CosmicIX October 11, 2019
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A nickname only given to the best, most skilled and inteligent of people who have a greater understanding of the way things work physically and mentally. Deriving from a man named Aaron Constance, who was called A-Con by most who knew him. He was given this gift from God.
Rav-coN: the best beer pong team in Citrus Heights, California. Using their knowlege of the game and physics, along with their incredible coordination, the two players dominated the table.
by Isaac Rathfon February 14, 2009
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Con (kahn) v.

To leave a game when you think you're going to lose; closer to guaranteeing yourself or your team a 100% losing chance. "Conning" is looked down upon in 138 countries.
I can't believe he conned. He could of taken on those last two tanks.
by Mexican Monster June 17, 2011
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A word used for a response to basically anything that is said that's hilarious, stupid, random, or dumb.
Person 1: "OMG that guy is so hot!"
Person 2: "Con."
by con_inventor July 29, 2010
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a term called on a person when useless information is given.
your friend- " i just had a hamgurger." you-"con"
by xswiftx May 24, 2010
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