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A pussy that has been bored out so long and hard over the years that it more resembles a humid, moist cave than a vagina. This kind of vagina has the interesting property that it will give you both a boner as well as nightmares.
That MILF's thort probably hangs halfway down her thighs.
by Mark Schlouse March 13, 2003
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Thort, he's a Thorty guy, in Space
Space Thorty is a space traveller, and the author of the "Thort Theorem"
by Bill Nyes Rich Cousin February 08, 2017
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Short for thot shorts.

Really short and immodest shorts that are irreverent and do not please our lord.
Person 1: Damn, this girl really wont chill out with her thorts

Person 2: I know, her whole damn ass cheeks are hanging out
by thelegend3x3x3 August 17, 2019
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