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A person who is both a communist and a nazi, or atleast acts in that manner. A communist that hates people or other races/minorities is cosidered to be a communazi.
Frank: Oleg is such a communazi, he is always talking about how great communism is and how all minorities should be killed.
Oleg: Sieg Heil
by Frankie Muniz September 28, 2006
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a combination of a communist and a nazi. Though technically impossible, since communism and nazism are opposites, it still makes a good insult.
"Pat W. told me that Linkin Park is emo, he is such a communazi."
by My name April 22, 2005
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a strange term invented by Emmanuel Rondon after hearing about the Nazi-Soviet Pact during World WarII
by David Wilson March 17, 2004
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A combo of the two most despicable political parties (according to the U.S.) Communists and Nazis. As the mixture of these two beliefs would basically be a moderate, the word is used solely as an insult.
"My Goodness. I hate her! Shes such a Communazi!
by QuesoCaliente December 08, 2007
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After the realization that communism and fascism are functionally equivalent ideologies, it was a concern that some people who consider themselves communists and/or nazis may only be insulted by association with the crimes of one or the other group, rather than both as they justly deserve.

As such, the portmanteau 'Communazi' was invented to amend this gaping flaw in the English language.
After killing 62 million innocent people to Mao's mere 49 million and Hitler's frankly pitiful 48 million, Stalin conclusively won the Communazi Olympics.
by Obama lan Biden August 21, 2010
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A word you can say to let people know that your a dumbass v and let's your opponent know that he/she is the winner of the argument.
smartass : "it's spelled H-I-G-H, not H-I"

Moron : "ya, well your a COMMUNAZI!"
by Robert Donave June 06, 2012
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