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A phrase used when one is a fatass who is sick of his friends and wants to go somwhere else, generally his home.
Cartman: Screw you guys, I'm goin home!
by Boris May 23, 2004

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when the calf has so much fat on it that it blends with the ankle forming a kankle
woah did you see sam khazels kankles, there huge. im surprised he dosn't trip over them.
by Boris October 12, 2003

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The nationality belonging to someone with citizenship in the country of Australia.

Commonly stereotyped by the likes of The Simpsons, Monty Python and teenagers, as having thick accents, riding around in kangaroos all day and having little to no infrastructure, living out in the desert.

Australia is home to many fine cities, including Melbourne which was allegedly awarded the "world's most livable city" title at some point recently.
Derek: yo baxter, check out this australian dude
Baxter: i say old chap, he's quite the commoner, with his khaki rags.
Bruce: G'day, do you blokes know a good place to eat?
Baxter: ah yes, there's one near here. it's down the street, take a ha'penny and follow the locomotive track.
Derek: yo.
by Boris March 26, 2005

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An expresion of discontentment in a recent turn of events
"She's going out with bob now... Well Shit"
by boris March 28, 2004

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adv. Very quickly, taking place in only a few milliseconds.
I got out of that strip club lickety-split when I realized the dancer was actually a man.
by Boris June 09, 2004

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Means shithead
You fucking shithead-Senkin vitun paskapää
by BORIS February 13, 2004

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a large american
The fat yank won't get off the sofa
by boris July 14, 2003

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