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commonism, is an idealology which in contrast to the ideology of Communism, which is an economical entity controlled by the economical elite, and is a Socialist entailment. Instead makes reference to a social order, whereby the mentioned institutions are in direct control of the common man citizen body within a society and not the corporate economical and political elite. The social order in question is comprised exclusively of all citizens within a society, who are not members of the economical or political elite ( The Establishment elite ), the average and ordinary common citizen body.
commonism, is the solution for the combating of political and economical elitism, and consequently, the alleviating and curtailing of corruption and greed from within the economical and political fabric of a society.
by Darius Radmanesh June 27, 2016
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The naive belief that everyone should be "normal" and the same and that if anyone tries to be an individual and stand out they're stupid or weird.
Guy1: Why do you wear your clothes that way? It's so stupid and weird.

Victim: Yeh? Well I try to be an individual and stand out. I'm also a real ass hole to people I don't like so you better watch your back, you fucking commonist! Commonism, psh. Bitch nigga!
by Justin Hussey April 27, 2008
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