An overly populated school in western PA, that is full of weed-smoking son of a bitches, hollister whores, people who send out daily nude pictures, and players that claim to always have 9 inch dicks. Crowded with horny divorced desperate pregnant teachers, and male teachers who get daily boners off of looking at all the sluts. Perfect place to start family.
"Hey Bob suppp?"
"Hey Eric my man, got some weed?"
"Are you kidding me? This is Hempfield. Of course."
"Let's do it."
by yourmomsfacemann February 21, 2009
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Hempfield Area Highschool is a school that openly welcomes students of 3 distinct types; white trailer trash heavily addicted drug addicts, normal people, and the stick up the ass rich people who refuse to be friends with you based on outward appearance.

The school is a complete dump, smells bad inside, and continues to fall apart every day. Instead of fixing the school itself, the school board decided to spend over 10 million on the reconstruction on a football field and field house, all for a football team that can't play football for shit, and win one damn game the entire season.

The teachers there can't teach to save their life. They just don't have the brain capacity to do so.

An everyday ritual is a fight in the cafeteria.

A bomb threat is called in at least once a month. Instead of sending the students home to prevent them from being killed, they evacuate the school and put them on the bleachers outside . . . Where a bomb would most likely be placed underneath there.

You can listen to music on your ipod in study hall. You can even choose to sleep. But you can't play games on your ipod. Wtf.

Your not allowed to hug anyone; its a pda thats considered by teachers on the level of rape.

If your a freshman, your an automatic piece of shit.

If your a senior, you do what you want and just don't give a fuck.

The school is just a hell hole that is sinking deeper and deeper.
"Wow Drake, that girl I went on a date with last night, she was really messed up."

"Oh jeese Luke, sounds like she went to Hempfield."
by thisissteveward May 14, 2010
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A school filled with: crack heads, pot heads, and whores. The funding is spent on sports that are the worst. Either your an academic or drug junkie. Other then that your just fucked up.
MIKE: DUDE! there's a dip in the field
Elliott: I KNOW!!!
(20 million dollars later)
MIKE: DUDE! the dip's smaller!!!
Elliott: Which one?
by hempfield alumni August 3, 2009
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A large public high school in western Pennsylvania. There's too many kids and it's a smelly, dirty place. Coincidence to the name, many of the kids do smoke pot and/or do many other drugs. It's in the local news frequently for the corrupt assholes who run the place and put taxes on everyone. Most of the school budget seems to go to sports, even though the football is shitty as fuck.
"Hey man, did you hear about how Hempfield wants to cut the art programs?"
"Yeah dude, I bought some pot off of this kid that goes there."
by Robitz January 2, 2009
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A school district full of pot heads, whores, red-necks, and posers. There' has to be a select few from here that actually turn out normal. A normal day here would include a bomb threat, along with the hundreds of nude pictures that are always sent around. The freshmen think they're big shots and the Seniors think they're God.
Sarah: OMG! Did you see that nude picture of Amy?
Joan: I DID! I forwarded it to 20 people last night!
Sarah: Oh, nice. Oh, and did you see Andrew's mohawk?
Joan: I totally did. He is such a poser.
Sarah: Well, what do you expect? It's Hempfield.
by Harrold_Freshman January 8, 2010
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Hempfield. Where do I begin. This overly populated school is absolutely filled door to door with complete fucking whores. Also known as, Hempfield hoes. Don’t get me wrong, you will meet a few cool people here and there but that’s about it. Don’t get me started about the dudes at Hempfield.. Gonorrhea. . That’s all I’m going to say about that lol
Get a load of these Hempfield hoesss
by HempfieldAreaStudent May 31, 2019
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Hempfield high is full of shitty souncloud rappers, the occasional hoodlums, the weirdos, the whores, the players, and the smart people. It smells like shit & the 2nd floor has no air conditioning bc the school is cheap. There's stains on the ceilings & the bathrooms r disgusting. Everyday u should expect to see an overflowing toilet, shit on the wall, flooded sinks w/ ashes, vape posters on the walls,or girls dropping cherry bombs on the ground next to the toilet. Theres always a group of guys and girls in the bathroom hitting their dabs or nic sticks. So it's tuff if u actually have to shit. The teachers don't know how to teach & a few of them R crack heads but the school board keeps them because they are too worried about busting kids asses for having juuls or etc. You will get iss for things such as standing in the bathroom. The water turns yellow after 3 minutes of being on. Period 8 lunch is unacceptabley the worst with food all over the floor no food left in the cafeteria and all the "black people" go in the bathroom to fight or fuck around with the police officer to piss him off.U will also have black people that think they are sound cloud rappers and the occasional gang that advertises them.Guys have cargo pants halfway down their ass and hair in their face. Don't b surprised when u have a crowd of fiends asking if u got nic believe me they will eat you alive,they are like a small starving pack of African children. Be careful for all the daily fights too.
Bro want some pac, sure do you go to hempfield? It's pretty easy to deal there.
by SophmoreAtHempfield June 7, 2019
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