to leave somewhere with somebody
to come away with impression/feeling leaving with impression/feeling
Come away with!...(Scot.inf) Come!
I am sure you will come away with feeling that the artist is genius after his/her concert.
by Tereza Knapova October 22, 2007
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the one of the best songs ever written- its by the 80's rock band styx.
come sail away- possibly the best song ever written.
by Gaget September 1, 2005
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Newfoundland slang for anyone who comes from elsewhere to visit.
“Hey Beulah, ma lov, did you see all them come from aways at the airport?”
by Fred Meijer October 9, 2019
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To kidnap someone and nut on their face
Dude that girl is gonna come and fly away with me
by Ekiller445 April 12, 2018
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Used to express contempt toward someone or something. Equivalent to "get out of here" but carries a sarcastic meaning.
Can be sometimes used as a variant: "Come here fly from here!"
Is sometimes used along with leave me in your mother.
A: "What's up man? Want to go to the beach today?"
B: "Come here go away!!! You crazy? It's so hot I can't think of anything but a cold shower!"


A: "Man, did you see Cruvi and the others on the bike race today? They were great!"
B: "Come here fly away! The man barely knows how to ride on a straight line!"
by Mitsu March 19, 2005
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Used to express your contempt about someone, just like "get out of here!" is sometimes used in English.
Ben: "Hey, do you want to drive over to the beach?"

You: "Come here go away! It's so damn hot I feel like I can faint!"
by Mitsu March 18, 2005
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Sounds conflicting? Maybe. But in Hebrew it has the following meaning: Bo'na (which literally translates to "come here"), is a term used to call for somebody attention. So, if you want to tell somebody to leave you alone (to go away = "Lech mi'po") ... you would say (see Example)
"Hey, come here, go away from here!"
by Mustafa Hakim August 25, 2005
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