A short way of typing "love". Some people type it as "luv" Some others as "lov'". People who don't know how to read phonetically use the 'u' for 'love'. When you follow 'u' patterns then u notice the difference between o and u.

Follow: blue, full, glue, true, thru, student, stupid, shud (should), tun (tune), tuna, put, cud (could), wud (would), dud (dude), clue, fruit, fluid, fluent, pull, bull, due, sue, du (do), tu (to), tuu (too), twu (two), yu (you), etc.
All we need is lov'. There is a song about lov which reminds me of u!! Du u lov me? Lubricating luv? What the hell is luuv, loov, luv? It's lov or love. That's it.
by Eddi P October 12, 2007
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in shorten form of Loss of Virginity
The high school surrer from numerous LOV
by mochavixen February 10, 2005
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LOV = League Of Villans or Lots Of Virgins
“Lmao LOV, or Lots Of Virgins!” All Might stated
by Oh?No onions? June 18, 2020
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Lov is like lov... BUT MUCH MORE SPECIAL... created by some kids in a school
I don’t love you but I sure do LOV YOU
by Chezzecorn June 15, 2018
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1 Lover vagina

2 Commonly used in texting language to replace love
1. I totally exposed my LoV in that picture I sent Bryant

2. I lov u sm bby
by Some dude12311328181817 April 25, 2019
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Lords of Vampires

The largest clan in Diablo 2
Do you belong to LOV?
by MizerableLOV May 20, 2004
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