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Used to express contempt toward someone or something. Equivalent to "get out of here" but carries a sarcastic meaning.
Can be sometimes used as a variant: "Come here fly from here!"
Is sometimes used along with leave me in your mother.
A: "What's up man? Want to go to the beach today?"
B: "Come here go away!!! You crazy? It's so hot I can't think of anything but a cold shower!"


A: "Man, did you see Cruvi and the others on the bike race today? They were great!"
B: "Come here fly away! The man barely knows how to ride on a straight line!"
by Mitsu March 19, 2005
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Used to express your contempt about someone, just like "get out of here!" is sometimes used in English.
Ben: "Hey, do you want to drive over to the beach?"

You: "Come here go away! It's so damn hot I feel like I can faint!"
by Mitsu March 17, 2005
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