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Means the same as 'cum' - it's just a different spelling, so calm down.

Check it out on dictionary.com if you want, both spellings are acceptable.
"I'm about to come"

"I'm also about to cum"
by Tom Preston September 04, 2004

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A common British variation of the American idiom 'yo momma' - usually used as a retort when one is insulted.
"You're such a big bell"

"Yer Mum's got such a big bell, I know 'cos I let it penetrate my ass."
by Tom Preston September 02, 2004

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A poem/rhyme about ho's.
Just wrote a hoem. Bangin'
by Tom Preston December 22, 2004

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A term of varied definition, shnéblé can mean many things to many different people. Its most common uses fall in general conversation, usually as a sign of acknowledgement or agreement.
"Is that how you pronnounce it, Shneebly?" "Actually, it's Shnéblé."

"I heard your mum has no face. Shnéblé."
by Tom Preston November 18, 2004

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Something that makes you Vomit in a fantastic way. It was my GF who thought this up...
Wow, that jumper is vomitatstic!
by Tom Preston June 15, 2006

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