Capital and largest city in Ohio. Also known as Satan's asshole.
I'm from Columbus and voted for Bush
by lethalweffen February 13, 2005
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A college town in Ohio that likes to think it has the identity of a real city, where in reality it is a big collection of suburbs surrounding a giant university. While you'll never run out of low to medium end bars, the city substantially lacks anything else to do. Columbus is like a giant bee hive of low rent apartments occupied by government employees and recent OSU grads with shitty jobs. I'm not really sure that a young professional community exists in Columbus.
It's humorous how residents of Columbus always are quoting that they are the largest city in Ohio, when in reality the metro area is much smaller than both the true metropolitan areas in Ohio of Cincinnati and Cleveland.
by wise man 21 March 13, 2010
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An explorer who was rumored to be of Greek heritage and Discovered Present Day America in 1492
Columbus has a national holiday for himself
by john Mandalakas October 15, 2006
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Columbus is a stupid school where stupid hoes go to. People who go to columbus are dumb and they are lax bros. If you go to Columbus you will 99.99% of the time like stupid sports like volleyball and cricket.
"Mateo pulled such a Columbus yesterday, he loves cricket.
by Colombus is stupid March 19, 2013
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(adj/state of mind) Lost, usually used to mean that one doesn't know what the hell's going on.
Dude, did you and Kelly get into a fight or something? I am SO Columbus on this whole sitch...
by Henry VIII August 16, 2005
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a city which i was born in. but everyone else knows that louisville kicks columbus's ass. the girls are hotter and we have a kick ass basketball,and football team. plus people here call coke "pop" which is annoying. so basically it would suck to live in columbus.
louisville owns columbus. and if u disagree u must be retarted.
by louisvilleownsu July 12, 2006
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