Stephen Colbert, host of the Colbert report. The sexiest comedian on television, not to mention his amazing chemistry with Jon Stewart. In addition, Colbert is also a great dancer, can flip to his desk, and obviously, is very handsome.
I watch the Colbert report to see the beautiful,sexy Stephen Colbert.
by natalie m January 19, 2007
Verb. To talk rings around your opponent until they begin to sputter, are rendered speechless and become, therefore, impotent (aka nailed) as their argument collapses around them. Submitted in honor of the television comedian Stephen Colbert, the great, brave and high master of satire and truthiness.
He tried to bulldoze him with his theories during the debate but he was colberted in two minutes flat.
by vigwig May 3, 2008
Verb;(coal-bear) to sarcastically make fun of someone or something;

derived from The Colbert Report hosted by Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central and the sooned to be named new part of the space station section named Colbert after Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report
"Dude you just got colberted!!!"
"Colbert just colberted Obama on The Colbert Report!!!"
by ijustcolbertedmyself September 4, 2009
noun: A sandwich made from two Pringles chips and a creamy Reddi Whip center. It is good snack for a little 'pick-me-up'. To make a colbert you will need two Pringles chips (preferably orignal, but any flavor will do) and a can of Reddi Whip whipped cream. Simply take one chip, spray a thick layer of whipped cream onto the chip and then place the second chip on top. The colbert's creator highly endorses the tasty sandwich saying, "There is nothing wrong with that."
"That colbert really stays with ya."
by AKAReject March 31, 2010
to diss Canadians, meaninglessly and in the manner of an attention whore, in order to get "followers" to make stupid remarks publicly about them
I don't remember exactly what he said but he colbert'd about the winter olympics again!
by canajan-eh February 6, 2010
The Law of Colbertity states that Steven Colbert is so awesome that if he were to become less awesome, he would only become more awesome, and if he were to become more awesome he would become less awesome. This is caused by the fact that Colbert is the highest point of awesome, there is no match to his level of "Awesomeness" and there is no exceeding his level due to the limitations of the English word "Awesome." If he were to become less awesome the peak of awesomeness would lower with Colbert.
The man who reached colbertity exploded because Stevens Colbertity was much strong than the man's.
by Chupe December 14, 2008
Colberting is the act of posting a number of high-resolution images in a thread on an web forum in an attempt to make it difficult for other forum members to read, thereby either slowing or stoping the conversation occuring within it. In practice, pictures of Stephen Colbert are often used as the requisite high-resolution images, but any high-resolution images will do.
I wanted to read Kelly's tribute thread, but it looks like Mikey has been busy Colberting it, and when I opened it my browser crashed.
by wholesomedick October 16, 2006