A baked foodstuff for which the primary ingredient is maize, which many people call corn, a grain. Tradition holds that the Pilgrims ate corn bread because it was a plentiful grain - and the only grain - readily available where they settled in Massachusetts.
Yo this cornbread is most delicious, mothafucka! I gotta git me the recipe, fool!
by Truth2Power August 6, 2004
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1. A food commonly eaten by big booty black bitches.

2. Ur ass cherry(virginity),
Yo Shanana pass the mothe fuckin cornbread you black greedy bitch.

O shit my corn bread just got stolen by buba the inmate after i dropped the soap. My ass will never be the same.
by Dan Junker April 1, 2003
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The most delicious bread on the planet that was invented by Indians and is made out of corn.
I eat corn bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mrs. Anderson eats corn bread.
Make us some corn bread!!
oh wait, we didn't have supper!!!
by supercutekid November 20, 2011
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Why is he acting like he is black, he is a corn bread honkey.
by The t September 14, 2006
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1) The most incredibly perfect substance on the Planet

2) The substance of which God is made of
.....mmmmmmmmmmmm..........corn bread......mmmmmmmmmm........
by Adfectio June 7, 2005
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someone who was concieved during an act of cornholing.cornhole
The sperm entered through the anus and traveled to the egg.
Must see definition of cornhole, cornholing.
Man, that dude is so ugly he must have been Corn Bread!
The neighbours kid is such a shitty little brat, she must have been Corn Bread!
by kanimal May 22, 2007
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the greatest clan for online ps3 gaming
they usually rep the tag CBM¤
dawg i just got pwned by the corn bread mafia.
by CBM¤ May 19, 2009
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