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Similar to the Shocker, the Coffee Mug is when four fingers are inserted into a girl's asshole while the thumb is put in the vagina.
That bitch loves to be double penetrated so she asked for the coffee mug to loosen up before a fuck session.

Some people need coffee in the morning, but Sasha loves to get the coffee mug before she gets out of bed.
by Mr. Fahrts August 06, 2008
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When someone comes up to you and steals the coffee that you are enjoying right out of your hands, no matter if it's at work, home, or even at the coffee shop.
Sydney: I was at the coffee shop last night drinking my coffee and checking my emails, when a man came up and took the drink right out of my hands!

Kayla: Oh my goodness! He totally just coffee-mugged you!
by laurene716 June 21, 2011
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A tiny, useless piece of equipment used for storing coffee that only an idiot would bother to use.
I'm too stupid to realize that a full sized glass holds more coffee and gives me more energy, so I drink out of a coffee mug.
by JPeg92 August 13, 2009
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A phrase for mixed emotions; extreme happiness and love. Usually involves crying from a over-the-top hopeless romantic thing. The feeling of falling in love.
After our first kiss, I was coffee mug for a week.
by Maranara July 28, 2006
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