to give someone 'the eyebrow' is to raise ones eyebrows at the recipient then flick their gaze back and forth from the recipient towards another person in a suggestive manner.
Looking at your friend then giving them the eyebrow to the guy/girl he/she fancies or is fancied by.
by Halffunny:) January 23, 2012
the act of raising and lowering your eyebrows repeatedly.
Boy #1: Hey, you see that girl?
Boy #2: Yeah, I'd totally eyebrow her.
Boy #1: Oh? I'm eyebrowing her right now.
by Mrs. Sterious March 3, 2010
Things above your eyes!
Tend to be bushy at times
by Allan February 16, 2005
term used to strengthen the truth in a promise or story.
if u break the promise or are found as a fraud ur eyebrows are shaved off as punishment
i'm not drinking for the rest of the week - eyebrows

mate i swear i pulled that essence bird over there last week - eyebrows
by toyah August 6, 2007
A line of hair a little above the eyes
Colton:"Brett has no eyebrows😂😂"
Ms B:"Colton stay after class so we can talk about his eyebrows then"
by no eyebrows January 5, 2016
Specifically having to do with the seemingly caterpillaresque collections of facial hair that reside atop one's whites which contain an iris which contain a pupil, which all is inside a socket, which is most commonly part of a face, which also contains some sort of food inhaling mechanism and/or nasal instrument used for sniffing people you want to get to know better, and expelling mucus and other matter. Without eyebrows life would be meaningless and there really wouldn't be reason to continue living once you knew and lost the presence of them in your existence.
Tina: Wow your eyebrows are foxy
Eyebrowless Individual: What's that supposed to mean?
by TheElephantSquasher74 March 7, 2013
A freak of nature who lacks the necessary facial contrast that would otherwise reflect his/her current state of emotion.
Check that no eyebrows mofo! Can't tell whether his happy or wants to stab me... Fuck that freak!
by Eddie Bryan September 15, 2016