The reason we can't sleep at night, the reason why people have to pee every to seconds, the cause of kids born with ADHD, and why superman can fly.
Without coffee I wouldn't be up at 3:00 in the morning writing the definition of coffee. Instead, Ii would be sleeping and not peeing every 2 seconds.
by Connor Smith August 10, 2007
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"hey u wanna come up for coffee"
really he/she means hey u wanna have sex.
by kirsti July 11, 2004
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The lone "definition" you can get on a mug without looking like a total retard.
Bill: Hey Joe, check out my new mug from Urban Dictionary! It's the defintion of "cuntfucker"! Turns out this definition means "one who fucks many a cunt"! Pretty cool way to drink your coffee, huh?

Joe: What the fuck?

Nearby Worker: Are you fucking insane?

Boss: You're fired!

*Boss drinks from UD mug with the definition of "coffee".*
by Sue Doe Nymm July 13, 2009
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Similar to the phrase 'TEA' but for more of a masculine twist
GIRL: heyyy girl spill that tea
BOY: aye bruv pick up that coffee
by RayRayWhereYouAt March 18, 2019
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A white person that owns a coffee beanery, where coffee is brewed. Americans or people who love drinking coffee, a person who drinks way too much coffee. Americans who love coffee or Starbucks.
I love coffee, I'm a coffee beaner. I drink it every day.

Uncle Craig owns a coffee beanery, yup he's a coffee beaner, just kidding.

Americans can't get enough coffee, I guess we're a coffee beaner nation.

Stop drinking so much coffee you coffee beaner.
by Equal crack May 20, 2016
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In the beginning God created light the universe, then said "let there be coffee so we can all keep going" then after his twelfth cup he wrote the Bible and a short autobiography that was lost in 3 billion BC.
by carefulwiththataxluke March 23, 2009
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