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Most common definition is illegitemacy.
You may see this word completely spelled out, or with the acronym of a/. Any person involved with astr0x is surely 100% illegitemate.

Commonly associated with faggotism, frkq2, downloaded skills.
Hello, I am in astr0x, or a/ as you may call it. After 8 years of quake2, Santa finally answered my letter and hooked me up with some downloaded skills for christmas.
by X January 10, 2004
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the most drama ridden band and local scene i ever did see
by X August 7, 2003
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"Yo, don't smack my family jewels."
by X January 22, 2003
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crome car/truck wheel-rims.
"i'm sittin on buttons"
by X September 20, 2003
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to feel the effects of codeine syrup mixed with soda.
that lean got me itchin'
by X August 11, 2003
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a prison incarcerated for child moslestion.
"don't associate with him cuz his got short eyes"
by X July 27, 2003
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A sexual act where one takes a giant, steamy shit on a girl's chest, then titty fucks her.
Jim: "I think i got some shit in my urethra after i gave Kim a Cleveland Steamer last night"
Bob: "Sucks, man"
by X August 18, 2003
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